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The Only Advertising Unit in The World
That is Backed by Google’s Guarantee

If you’re reading this, your pest control business has maintained over a 4 star rating on Google and qualifies you to join our program. We’ll get straight to the point. Exactly 100% of our Pest control clients who join our program pay between $18-$53 per customer, and see a monthly ROI between 100-300% on average. Although ROI naturally varies, we’ve never had a customer loose money as much as a single month on this invitation only program.

How is that possible? It’s simple. We chose you because you have a proven track record that excels in customer service. That is essential to this program’s success, so we only allow elite pest control businesses who’ve already proven themselves to join this program. Additionally, we select only one pest control company per region at a first come first serve basis out of the few who were invited to join. 

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Clients who say we're Amazing

We signed up our 2nd year in business in 2018 and have grown from 5 to 7 figures in revenue. This month's ROI report had us at $18 a client. It was actually one of the worst months we've had in ROI to date at only 200%, but I'm not complaining. Actually I had to talk our project manager Justin off the ledge because he was so upset with these numbers. Then he spent about 2 hours making optimizations to the account to ensure we see better results next month.
Chad Thornton
Paramount Pest Solutions, Gulfport, MS.
I was definitely a non-believer but took a chance after calling a couple existing pest control clients for references. They had me enrolled in Google Local Services in less than a week and we got our first customer from the program on day 1. I look forward to our monthly power call because that's when I get to see exactly how much I paid per customer and my ROI for the month.
Matt Abney
Friendly Pest Control, Payson, AZ.

White Glove Google My Business Management

Your Google My Business (GMB) page is built out with client-acquisition best practices, including professionally curated content, new customer reviews, and tactics that include images, special offers, events, Q&A and more – all to help you rank higher in search results.

Google Guarantee:
The Badge of Trust

When you have “The Google Guarantee”, it tells your customers that your business is a trusted provider of services in your local area.

Highest Ranking
in Search Results

Show up at the very top of Google’s search results. Local Services ads appear above all other ads, including traditional paid search.

Pay for Calls,
Not Clicks or Impressions

No more clicks or impressions – With Google Calls Advisor, you only pay for calls made directly from potential customers.


Adjust and control the amount of calls you want to get any day, at any time, based on the needs of your business.

Is your business eligible?

How Local Services Ads Work?

Based on your business model, you set a weekly budget that will never be exceeded. While the number of leads you receive daily may change, you will not be allowed to spend more than the amount of your weekly budget. Unlike other paid Google services, you are only charged for the leads that you receive. Several factors determine what a specific lead may cost, including service type, local competition and the type of lead. Each viable lead received will count towards your weekly budget and if you feel that a lead you receive is not valid, you will have options to dispute it.

Get Your Google Badge Of Trust Now!

Online customer reviews are a critical component of your business. Have you asked yourself if you have enough reviews? Are they the right kind of reviews? Is my star rating high enough? These are all things that will help determine your status as “Google Guaranteed”. Our Review Stream program is tailored to position you for the highest degree of success.

Is Your Business Eligible?